July 1, 2022

New Braunfels Air Duct Cleaning

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“The best part was…. I called Paul (boss of PJP) on Friday and he was able to have Derick come and paint within 3 days!!!!”

New Braunfels Air Duct Cleaning

“Called Paul on a Friday to help me with my deep freezer. It was about 5 miles from my home in storage and I had no pick up. I needed to get it to my home that weekend so he helped get it there! We were wanting to stock our freezer for the covid-19 shelter in place and he help us on a Sunday! He…” more

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“I cannot say enough good things about my experience with ServPro. We were recent victims of the flooding in south Louisiana. We had just enough water to ruin everything; carpeting, floors, walls, you name it. The whole place had to be gutted. Mold was my immediate concern. When we pulled the walls…” more

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If you choose to hire this pro for your project, you’ll agree on final pricing before any work begins – and you’ll

Pleasanton Air Duct Cleaning Air duct cleaning is done by heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals. The pros use industrial-strength, truck-mounted vacuums and powerful brushes and hoses to clean inside the metal ducts that make up your forced air heating and cooling system. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends duct cleaning if there is “substantial visible mold growth inside hard surface ducts, ducts that are infested with vermin such as rodents or insects, or ducts that are clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris and/or particles are actually released into the home from your supply registers.”

There are 75 highly-rated local air duct cleaners.

You should also have air ducts cleaned after recent water contamination or water damage to prevent mold; after renovations or remodeling to ensure debris and dust didn’t settle in the vents and ducts; if you are having problems with allergies or asthma; or when you are moving into a newly purchased home, especially if the previous owners smoked or had pets. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends getting your air ducts cleaned every three to five years, or every two to three years in regions where homeowners use their air conditioning and heater for many months of the year, while the EPA suggests homeowners have duct cleaning done as needed.

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“My realtor gave me this company info. They changed out my AC system on my rental property and repaired ductwork. It was not cheap –over $5000. However I had a handyman go back out to inspect there work and he attests that they did good work. I’m having them come back to work on my other units this…” more

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Lockhart Air Duct Cleaning Business Description: We are an air conditioning, heating and plumbing company located in the Texas hill country. We service Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, Bulverde, Spring Branch, Blanco, Schertz, Cibolo, Selma and the surrounding areas

“My dryer vent was clogged. Called a few recommendations and found Green Quality Air. Spoke with the owner and got appointment for next day. Technician Louie called me 20 minutes before arrival as requested and got here on time. Very nice and professional young man!! He did the job fast and…” more

Lockhart Air Duct Cleaning “I work for a home builder in town and have called on Serv-Pro many times. My customer service person is Tammy. She is very knowledgeable of the services that we need for each homeowner. The pricing is fair, and Tammy takes care of us, like we are family.

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“I now only use COIT, for my area rugs, carpet, tile and upholstery! I call or email Amanda then Travis or Ben is there ASAP.”

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If you’re concerned about dust, allergens or mold, it may be time to have your air ducts cleaned. The national average cost for air duct cleaning ranges from $190 to $250. Air duct cleaning costs will vary based on a number of factors such as your location in the country, the age and condition of your air ducts, the number of linear feet to be cleaned, and any repairs your ducts may need. HVAC cleaning companies should clearly outline what is included in their services and at what rate, so always make sure you understand and have a written agreement before work begins. Here are some examples of average air duct cleaning costs:

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How often you should clean your air ducts depends on your situation. If you or someone in the home has asthma or is acutely allergic to certain airborne materials or pollen, regular duct cleaning may be helpful. The Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t have an official position on the necessity of air duct cleaning unless the ducts have been contaminated by rodents, insects or mold, or you are aware of particles blowing out through the vents. The EPA recommends you have your air ducts cleaned on an as-needed basis. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) suggests having air ducts cleaned every three to five years.

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